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Dacia 1300/Renault 12

The Dacia 1300 is a sedan vehicle in BATTLEGROUNDS. (Now avaliable Dacia 1300 model car https://luxuryandtrendy.com/collections/gamers-trendy-items) This vehicle was first shown during the Vehicles dev log, but it wasn't introduced until the Alpha 2 Test of 2016. Its tires can be blown out with three bullet shots to the rim. The Dacia ranges from different colors from blue, yellow, orange, etc. The Romanian government of the 1960s had decided to acquire the tooling and basic design of a modern, western automobile, in order to offer their own car to the Romanian people. Terms stated that the vehicle had better not be expensive, large enough for a family, and had to be powered by an engine no larger than 1.3 litres. Offers came from Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Austin and others,...

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PUBG Level3 Helmet

The level 3 helmet in PUBG is called an “Alytn” helmet and was created by the Russians in the late 80s. Now it is avaliable for PUBG gamers on https://luxuryandtrendy.com/collections/gamers-trendy-items. And it is 78 Usd.

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